• A mission to give every child access to

      the best opportunities at school

      We're looking for partners to help us support every child.

      If you care about reducing inequality and giving everyone a chance at school - please share or get in touch.

    • The Problem

      Access to resources, experiences and opportunity depend on where you grow up.

      4 million children in the UK live in poverty. 

      They are 2 years behind their classmates at GCSE.

      PTAs raise an average £8,000 every year.

      Private schools raise an average £670,000.

      71% governors say funding is the biggest issue facing their school.

      They miss out on £100m donations from their alumni every year.

    • We have a solution

      A crowdfunding platform for schools.

      Making it quicker and easier for schools to fundraise.

      Empowering teachers

      Connecting communities

      Transforming education

    • Results so far

      482 projects launched

      £395,000 raised

      125,000 students benefited

    • Help us support every school in the UK

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      Child poverty in the UK is at astonishing levels and rising, predicted to reach 4.3 million children ​by 2020.


      The school system is the most efficient way of improving the lives and future prosperity of more children than any other institution. However, many schools are falling behind due to a lack of budget and economic freedom for those who know what our children need best - their teachers.


      Help us change this.


      This is a proven model, inspired by a platform in the US that is used by 81% of schools.

      They helped American schools raise $150m last year alone.


      We are now looking for partners to help us do the same in the UK.


      Join us.

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    • “Classrooms haven’t evolved much over the last 100 years.

      Rocket Fund allows for experimentation, which is an important part of the process of change."

      Daryl Rodrigo, VP at pi-top.

      Match funded Shacklewell Primary School

      “Giving someone else the ability to experience what we would all have loved as a child made us very happy!"

      Ben Knight, COO at Croud.

      Match funded Rotherfield Primary School & St Giles Primary School

      "A small contribution can make a vast difference.

      Contributing to the lives and development of students across the country will create a lasting legacy that benefits everyone.​"

      Peter Black, CEO of Energysys , supported Hyndland Primary School